With the combing operations reaching its final sweep in Pathankot, counter-terrorists commandos detained a suspected terrorist on Wednesday evening in Pathankot. 
Detained by the commandos for suspicious behaviour, the individual carried a single backpack whose content could not be revealed. 
The suspect was caught two hours after an alert had been sounded in the area regarding the sighting of two suspicious men. The dramatic gunpoint-detention was caught in full view of the press with the suspect refusing to speak to the commandos. 
The terrorist was surrounded by a ring of commandos who called for reinforcement. The suspected terrorist was dressed in army fatigues which solidifies the army’s suspicion, because all the terrorists killed in the Pathankot counter-attack were clad in army uniforms.
Operations are still ongoing to eliminate all terrorists who attacked and infiltrated an Indian Air Force base Pathankot on 2nd January.  

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