Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry spokesperson Sediq Sediqi has confirmed Pakistan’s role in the attack on Indian consulate in Mazaar-i-Sharif. Speaking to NewsX, Sediqi reiterated that the terrorists came from across the border and were aided by Pakistan.
In response to a question about the latest developments in the investigation, Sediqi commented, “It was another unfortunate attack on the Indian Consulate at Mazaar-i-Sharif. The attackers were killed by the Afghan Special Forces. The police are conducting investigations on the incident, especially to find out who were they and how they were able to reach that area. So we are in the middle of a very important investigation and we are using all our resources to investigate further about the incident, but obviously we are very happy to see that there was no harm to the Consulate. No one of the staff were wounded.”
Expressing concern over the incident Sediqi said, “You know, to continue the fight there is a need for a lot of resources and you cannot continue the fight without any support, without any resources. So it’s unfortunate that there are lots of madrassas, there are still safe havens for the terrorists. It is unfortunate that there is still aid and support to these terrorist organizations in the region, that they can come and attack us on a daily basis. So we suffer a lot. We are facing this menace and we have given lots of sacrifices for the past so many years now.”
A group of four armed terrorists had tried to break into the Indian consulate in the Afghan city of Mazaar-i-Sharif on Sunday night. All the terrorists were killed by the Afghan forces in the clearing operation that followed.