New Delhi: Advocate Prashant Bhushan has said that Arvind Kejriwal’ phone-wielding muffler-clad back-to-camera TV advertisement singing praises of Delhiites for making the odd- even car rule a success is a violation of the Supreme Court’s order that bans photographs of chief ministers in government advertisements.

The lawyer-activist said the content of has come out here the content is about the odd- even scheme and not partisan propaganda but the use of Arvind’s voice, his name as well as his back profile in the ad is a clever attempt to try and circumvent the SC’s order about prohibiting the use of photographs, etc. This is also a violation of the Supreme Court order,” said Bhushan.

Opposition parties including BJP and Congress also fumed over the controversial commercial ad. The advertising strategy of the AAP government has repeatedly come under fire. The opposition has already questioned the over 500-cr budget the government has spent on advertising.

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