Stacking up the TMC’s instances of political aggression in the country, Satyabrata Bhowmick, a former National Footballer and an icon, was allegedly abused and assaulted by TMC’s members in West Bengal.
On Saturday night, Satyabrata Bhowmick was made to sit in a TMC office for three hours where he was intermittently assaulted and verbally abused by the attackers. The people who assaulted the national footballer are believed to be close-aid associates of State Minister Rajib Banerjee.
According to reports, the footballer’s brother had a tiff with a neighbour who was a TMC man. Following the spat, men from the TMC entered his quarter and dragged Bhowmick to the office where the assault began.
It is also alleged that the footballer made remarks against the strong-arm tactics of the Trinamool Congress Party.
Speaking to reporters, Bhowmick said, “TMC workers threatened me. They have assaulted me once and threatened to assault again. I was forcibly taken to the party office. I was made to sit in office for over 3 hours. I was forced to apologise. They hurled verbal abuses at me. I am completely devastated. I want justice; I will request CM’s intervention.”
Howrah MP and a former footballer himself, Prasoon Banerjee, condemned the attack and demanded immediate action against the attacker.
Satyabrata Bhowmick is a former National Footballer who has played for two of the biggest football clubs in India including Mohun Bagan.

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