New Delhi: According to Nicola Latorre, head of the Italian Senate’s Defence committee, Massimiliano Latorre will not return to India. Latorre was one of the two Italian marines accused of killing two Indian fishermen on 15 February 2012 off the Kerala coast on 15 February 2012. 
Latorre’s deadline to return to India expires on Friday.
In 2012, Latorre and Salvatore Girone apparently mistook the Indian fishermen for pirates and fired warning shots into the water. The marines were on board ship ‘Enrica Lexie’. They were part of a military security team protecting the privately owned cargo ship.
Latorre had suffered a brain stroke in 2014. Following that, he was allowed by the Supreme Court in September 2014 to go to Italy initially for four months. On July 13 last year, the Supreme Court allowed Latorre to stay in Italy for another six months on medical grounds, after the government did not object to his plea.
Girone, however, is being held in the Italian Embassy in New Delhi. He has been forbidden by the Indian authorities from leaving the country.
The marines’ arrest triggered a diplomatic rift between Rome and New Delhi. In April 2012, Rome had paid $190,000 to each of the victims’ families as compensation. In return, the families had dropped their cases against the marines.

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