NEW DELHI: Amid major arguments, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Chief and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s close associate Amit Shah on Friday took a jibe at Congress and asked the opposition party to ‘search for its Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’ instead of taking out faults in the Modi government.

“Instead of trying to find faults in NDA government, faults that do not even exist, the opposition should search for its missing leader,” Shah said during the National Executive meeting of the BJP in Bengaluru.

Congress as expected on the other hand offered a sharp reaction over Shah’s remarks. 

As expected, Congress reacted sharply to the BJP’s jibe. Party spokesperson Sharmishtha Mukherjee slamming the BJP for making ‘an issue out of a non-issue’ stated, “Instead of worrying about Rahul, Modi government should concentrate on good governance,” she said.

Supporting the Modi’s model of governance over charges of it being PMO driven, Shah asserted that “Modi government has arrived and will be in power for the next 10-20 years.”

44-year-old Congress VP is currently away on ‘leave of introspection’. The Gandhi scion proceeded on a surprise leave of absence just days ahead of the crucial Budget Session of Parliament began, putting his party on the defensive.

During a recent visit to Amethi, his mother, Congress President Sonia Gandhi assured people that Rahul will be back soon.

According to the sources, Rahul Gandhi will be back to the national capital on April 12, a week before his party would stage a rally to attack the government over its land reforms.

(With Input from Agencies)

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