A major threat has been looming around the Mumbai airport which raised serious concerns for pilots of landing aircraft. High-intensity laser lights, used widely at parties and gatherings, have spooked pilots into raising alarm. 
Although how these laser lights cause direct interference and whether they are intentionally carried out by anti-social elements is a matter of further investigation. The sole concern of the authorities of the Mumbai airport and the landing pilots is that the airport is open to both international and national aircrafts. 
In November last year, a pilot landing on Mumbai airport was zapped by one of these high-intensity laser lights. Exposure to these lights can result in flash-danger and after images which poses serious threat for a perfect landing. Up till now, three pilots have been directly exposed to these lights. 
To take further safety precautions, authorities at the airport have restricted the flying of lanterns and kites around the airport vicinity. 
There was also a separate incident where lanterns, similar to Chinese lanterns, have been seen hovering around the airport, though no report has suggested it as being a threat. 
An official who raised serious concerns about this interfering light, said, “This is a serious threat, and if it has taken place, it has to be investigated. This is an international thing. Therefore, those who have seen it, should not leave it as one time affair, they must take it to logical conclusions. We cannot have aircrafts flying around which’s systems are being interfered on the ground and nothing is being done until the aircraft crashes.”

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