New Delhi: The All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) today submitted the final viscera report of Sunanda Pushkar’s death to the Delhi Police.

Previously the Delhi high court had pulled up AIIMS hospital for delaying the procedure of not being able to provide the copy of reports to the Delhi Police; the observation was that there was a delay in the case proceedings.

The important take away of this report is that it’s being co-related with the findings of the SIT. Also Mr Bassi has himself said that they will look into the merit of the report and after studying the report, required action will be taken. 

According to sources, the final report of Sunanda’s death has put the focus back on the theory of poisoning; however the nature of poisoning is still unknown. Earlier in November 2015, the Delhi Police had received Sunanda’s viscera report to determine the kind of poisoning that lead to Pushkar’s death, after a board in AIIMS identified poisoning as the reason of death.

The Police Chief Bassi in a conference today said that they were examining the conclusions and in a day or two the conclusions would be shared, if required. The information he said would be available on social media for easy access.

According to evidences so far, Sunanda’s death was not an unnatural death, Bassi said. 

Sunanda Pushkar, wife of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, died under mysterious circumstances two years ago. She was found dead in a room in a south Delhi hotel on January 17, 2014. 

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