Mehbooba Mufti has put the BJP in a tricky situation by putting up terms and conditions for the alliance to continue her impending swearing-in ceremony after the demise of her father.

The PDP Chief feels that BJP has been reluctant to implement the common minimum vision. She wants either PM Modi or HM Rajnath Singh to sign a pledge or letter of assurance to implement the terms of their common minimum program.

PDP has said there will be no swearing in of the new government unless the PDP is given a written assurance from the highest level — the PM or HM — that the letter and the spirit of the agenda lines will be respected and upheld.

Mehbooba Mufti said the only reason they will have a swearing-in ceremony is if that petition would mean that BJP would drop the idea of promulgation of Article 370 and BJP drops denouncing its one-flag agenda.

The sense within the PDP has been that while they went against their ideological foothold in order to form this alliance with the BJP, they did it thinking that the agenda of alliance that both the parties agreed upon would be implemented in both letter and spirit.

But if we go by the developments in the 10-month long alliance with the BJP, they were assessing as to how much of what is written in the agenda of the alliance has been implemented.

The PDP now didn’t want to take any chances and wanted that the assurance should come from the top-most levels. According to reports, the Centre yesterday rushed its finance secretary to meet Mehbooba Mufti to carry further discussions on the impending situation.

Reacting over the stalemate situation between BJP and PDP, Congress leader Ambika Soni said that as a citizen of this country we are interested about when the government in J&K will be formed and who will be the Chief Minister, but that it was a BJP–PDP internal matter and they have to sort it out themselves. She also said that whenever there is an ‘unholy’ alliance cracks are bound to happen.