In a political move considered to be ‘anti-India’ in nature, a top official in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) invited Pakistani politicians and separatists to attend a round-table conference to discuss the issue of Kashmir. 
Causing political clamour over the already sensitive issue of Kashmir between India and Pakistan, the top official has invited prominent Pakistani politicians to discuss the Kashmir issue, also with what reports suggest, the emergence of Hindu extremism in India. 
According to the statistics of these reports, the question which raises itself to India is: Is this a way to needle or provoke India? 
Speaking to NewsX, Engineer Rashid, Indian MLA from Langate constituency, who accepted the invitation to go to Pakistan for the conference, said, “Invitation which we have received indicates that it is about establishing peace, resolving Kashmir issue, and other issues pertaining to both sides of Kashmir and how to facilitate between India and Pakistan in getting the issue resolved.” 
About criticism against his visit to Pakistan which is being interpreted as treachery against India, the Kashmir MLA said, “Why should we feel afraid of anything, or rather discuss about anything? Intolerance, abrogation of Article 370, I think . . . in fact those are good things they are discussing about our autonomy in that part of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). So I don’t need lessons from anybody because at the end of the day, we are the sufferers; we have suffered a lot, we are victims of violence. If Kashmiris will not talk, if Narendra Modi can visit Lahore, why cannot Kashmiris visit across the LOC?,” he said. 
Rashid further added that he did not know about any of the other officials which were invited. “Spear to spear” discussion is what the MLA said the round-table was going to be. 
Earlier in October, Hindu Sena activists had stormed the Press Club of India and attacked the MLA by smearing his face with ink as a protest against a beef-party Rashid had hosted in Srinagar.

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