In another incident of political bureaucrats exercising unrestrained power, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaih was today caught slapping a municipal commissioner in broad daylight. 
In the footage, Siddaramaih is seen walking with his associates behind him as he slaps a man and continues walking ahead. The Chief Minister was today visiting a few places for inauguration and was participating in few public events. 
According to reports, this incident has been divided into two interpretations. The Bellary commissioner, who was slapped by the CM, said that someone had stepped on his foot and he had accidentally fallen in front of the chief minister. Although whether the commissioner spoke under duress is yet to be ascertained. And the other version being exposed plainly in the video ؘ– a political bureaucrat slapping someone for standing in his way. 
Brijesh Kalappa, Congress member, defending the Karnataka CM, said, “One, the chief minister of Karnataka, unlike other CMs, he is totally accessible to the people. Two, he is a people’s chief minister. And three, he has the habit of, you know, exhibiting his love and affection for workers. So I don’t think much should be read into it. And this could’ve been something . . . an act of affection, and act of showing affection or he may have lost his balance or something like that.”
Although the commissioner who has been slapped has downplayed the incident, the accused CM hasn’t as yet issued a political statement. A BJP opposition leader said that the Karnataka CM was chronically ‘arrogant’ and ‘indifferent’. 

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