During the hearing on the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Haji Ali matter, Justice Kanade of the Bombay High Court remarked whether courts should stir the hornet’s nest because people were getting ‘extremely intolerant’.
Kanade further opined that the ultimate decision taken by the Supreme Court on the Sabarimala issue may be similarly implemented in the Haji Ali PIL as well. 
During the hearing of the PIL challenging the controversial decision of the Haji Ali Trust which will ban the entry of women from the ancient Dargah, the bench of justice said that they would wait for the decision of the Supreme Court on the matter of Sabarimala temple before they give a ruling on the interim relief demanded in the petition. 
On the issue of barring entry of women from the Sabarimala temple, the Supreme Court had earlier decided that it would proceed on ruminating about the unconstitutionality of the tradition which, in the name of religion, implicates that only ‘pure’ women can enter the temple. 

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