Issuing a fresh rhetoric of censure against the central government pertaining to the suicide of the suspended Dalit scholar in University of Hyderabad, the Congress Party today addressed the issue in a press conference in New Delhi. They demanded the strictest action against the accused ministers by the office of the Prime Minister himself.
Selja Kumari, a Congress MP and a former Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, spoke to the press about the death of the Dalit scholar and explicitly mentioned the extent of the BJP’s hand which has lodged itself to this latest case of casteism in university politics.
Here are the highlights from the Congress Party’s press conference:
To express his sympathy on the matter, Rahul Gandhi will be going to Hyderabad today and meet the victim’s family.
Whosoever has partaked in this case of violation, whether it is the Central Minister, Labour Minister, the MLA of the region, activists of ABVP or the HRD Minister, are all trying to escape responsibility. This is very wrong and they should face this situation and reveal the truth.
The ministers in the Bharatiya Janata Party must reveal to the public of the country their real face. They have been exploiting the society in some garb or another.
There should be an enquiry on the two Central Ministers, the activists and the MLA behind this case. The strictest investigation should be conducted against them.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi should, after assessing the situation, take action against his ministers and against the members of his party. Instead of waiting for them to resign, the PM should sack the ministers.
The Bharatiya Janata Party stands accused for the kind of environment the country is now embroiled in.
The Congress Party demands the resignation of the Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya. The Prime Minister himself must take strict action against him. Action should also be taken against the HRD Minister.
A high-level enquiry should be processed in this case. An enquiry should be made by a judge so that every little detail is revealed to the public.
The Congress Party condemns the cremation of the body which was quickly and hurriedly carried out by the police.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi must break his silence on the matter.
The Congress MP further added that there was interference in campus politics because the HRD minister had, for four times, written a letter to the Vice Chancellor. Kumari exclaimed that the kind of vocabulary the Central Minister was deploying was a clear indication in itself of the Minister’s interference.

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