The Central Bureau of Investigation is likely to challenge the special courts order in which the court has asked the agency to return documents that it seized during the raid it conducted on the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s office.
The Special court had yesterday in a much reprimanded manner discussed with the CBI that it did not have the divine right to keep the documents it seized during the raid. Unless it proves how those documents were related to the alleged misconduct of the concerned officer or for the purpose of the raid, the CBI must return all those documents back to the Delhi government.
The Court in stern words has asked the CBI to handover the seized documents back to Delhi government; however, the Central investigation agency is going to challenge the matter in the High Court. It is expected that it will present its case in a detailed manner.
According to information, the CBI in the special court had maintained that the seized documents were directly related to their line of investigation.
As far as the court of law is concerned, it can certainly question any law enforcement or investigative agency.