Exposing the brazen attitude of politicians in Uttar Pradesh once again, a culture-shock transpired in a public event in UP’s Allahabad when Samajwadi Party leader Atique Ahmed’s son fired eleven live shots from a gun in a party. 
In the video, the Samajwadi Party leader’s son is seen firing shot after shot in the air while onlookers watch the incident in surprise. The kid seems reluctant about shooting first, but upon insistence and encouragement from an elder man, the firing then ensues. The people attending the event watch the kid in surprise while no policeman is seen in the video. 
This celebration of indifference towards the laws of the state by politicians raise questions about the governance of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and if he pays any kind of attention to these acts which exacerbate the problems of proliferating gun-culture in the state. 
This incident raises serious concerns about whether politicians think that they are above the law or whether it is about the fad of the rising gun-culture and the lack of stricter gun laws in the state of Uttar Pradesh.