A massive controversy has gripped the entire state of Tamil Nadu pertaining to the plight of medical students in the SVS Medical College. On Sunday, bodies of three female medical students were found inside a well near the SVS Medical College. The police alleged that the students had committed suicide after a written suicide note was discovered. Denying suicide as the cause, parents of the deceased students claimed that suicide was a false conclusion.
On Sunday, bodies of three female medical students belonging to the SVS Medical College at Kallakurichi were found in a well in the vicinity of the college. In the suicide note, the three female students had accused the administration of charging high fees and torturing them. They had also blamed the chairman of the college Vasuki Subramanian for their death. 
However, the kin of the deceased students refused to call it a suicide and exclaimed that they had been murdered. Considering that the bodies of the students had been found dumped in a well, family members of the female students alleged that anyone could have written the suicide note. 
Talking to reporters, the father of one of the deceased said, “Two months ago, my daughter, along with other students had approached the collector complaining against the college. The college wasn’t providing them proper meals or even giving them basic facilities like access to bathrooms. My daughter had accompanied her college mates to the collector. And enraged by this, they have beaten her up and killed her.” 
Vehemently denying the conclusion drawn by the police, one of the kin of the deceased said, “It’s not suicide. There were 3 girls, how could all of them have committed suicide?” 
And another relative questioned the mystery of their death and told the reporters, “She was fine when she left from home; she didn’t suffer from depression so there’s no question of suicide. We even planned that she would switch to another college next year, so why would she take such a step?”
With the death of these three medical students, reports have emerged that the students were forced to sweep floors and clean utensils. And on top of that, they were forced to clean toilets. In one incident, a student had been electrocuted after he/she had tried to fix some electrical issues in the college campus. 
The safety of female students in SVS College was also an issue which had been taken up with the college management after an individual tried to click pictures of female students in the bathroom. Also, one of the teachers in the college had allegedly threatened to fail the students if they did not give him Rs 10,000. 
Dr. Sanjeev Bagai, Chairman of Manipal Dwarka Hospital, shared his thoughts on this incident, “I think the background is important to be understood. A medical student, when he joins medicine, he goes through a grueling eleven and twelfth chequered with multiple coaching classes to get into medicine and there are series of All India Entrance Exams which sometimes are more than 17-19 in a short span of about two weeks. And when they suddenly join into medicine, they really don’t know, lots of students don’t know the depth or the versatility in which they are getting into. I think that on one end from the parental point of view in which counselling is required, students need to understand what they’re getting into. And second is, with regard to medical colleges, I think with regards, it’s the fee structure, it is with regard to structure within the infrastructure and it is the sensitivity of the medical colleges which also need to be addressed so that the students are well looked after. You cannot have young medical students committing suicide either because of financial stress or because of academic fear, or other social stresses.” 
Further investigations are being conducted by authorities on the mystery surrounding the death of these young medical students.  

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