A video where Karnataka Minister P T Parmeshwara Naik is seen boasting about getting Deputy SP Anupama Shenoy transferred for putting his phone-call on hold has been accessed by NewsX. 
The Minister had earlier denied that he did not get the cop transferred, but now a video has emerged where he is clearly seen boasting over the fact that he got the cop transferred just because she put his call on hold.
The minister said that he had called the cop to enquire about a certain case which had been closed as a death case, but had been mentioned as murder by a forensic report. 
He further said that the Deputy SP did not respond and put him on hold for 42 seconds. He called her again to which she did not respond. 
Later, the minister blatantly said, “She was transferred for not answering my phone and this is the truth.” 
What has come as shocking is that this Neta was encouraged by the other party members who applauded him after this confession of his. 
On January 18, Deputy SP Anupama Shenoy, posted at Kudligi police sub-division in the district, put this minister’s call on hold to talk to her higher official. The very next day, she was transferred to Athani in Belagavi district. The lady cop got another transfer on January 20 to Indi in Vijaypura district. 

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