The LGBT community is waiting with baited breath as the Supreme Court will tomorrow hear the curative petition on Section 377 which demands decriminalization of gay sex in the country. 
On February 2, the SC bench will hear curative petition of 2013 judgement. 
But before the apex court hearing, the Madras High Court has already set the tone. The court has asked as to why shouldn’t the LGBT community be accorded a special status or a different legal status and be recognized as a separate group for safeguarding their rights.
In terms of political support, the Supreme Court had earlier said that this is for the parliament to deal with rather than the judiciary.
One of the LGBT supporters said that it is foolish to say that the judiciary has nothing to do with it. “We don’t expect anything from the parliament or from our leaders. They don’t have time for important issues in the country so how would they get time for this very important issue. We are expecting nothing from politicians and all our expectations are from Supreme Court. Supreme Court should give its judgement as soon as people. We respect our constitution and are extremely hopeful of it”  
Supporting the LGBT cause, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley earlier said that Section 377 was anachronistic and that the Supreme Court must review judgement.
Former Union Minister and Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has also supported the LGBT cause by saying that he will continue to fight for the rights of the LGBT community.
In July 2, 2009, the Delhi High Court struck down Section 377 saying it violates privacy and right to equality.  The SC in January 2014 had also dismissed a batch of petitions challenging its judgement. However, the Supreme Court in 2013 had said that Centre was free to delete Section 377. 

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