Women and Child development Minister Maneka Gandhi has spoken about making sex determination mandatory to stop female foeticide. She has suggested making sex determination test compulsory to track pregnant women.

While speaking on sex determination, Maneka was of the view that sex test could abolish home deliveries and risk of still births. Over the recent years, the number of female foeticide cases in the country has been rising at an alarming rate.

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Putting her views forward on the issue, Maneka Gandhi believed that if the sex of the foetus is already known, then the monitoring of the expectant mothers could be done regularly to see how many women actually went ahead with the pregnancy and gave birth.

Even in the past, the Minister has come out and effusively spoken about women rights and child development.

Reacting on Maneka’s proposal, activist Brinda Adige said, “I absolutely do not agree with Meneka’s statement for registering sex of the foetus, because sex determination does not matter. What Maneka said will fall squarely on expectant mothers and their babies. A female foetus will be at a risk of abortion. Moreover, Maneka’s justification will not really work as long as systems are not in place.” 

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