Mumbai: Anupam Kher’s strong opinions on numerous social and political issues could have ruffled feathers and could be the reason why the veteran actor was denied a Pakistan visa, said his son Sikandar Kher.
“I feel that in the past one or two months, he has been voicing his opinions because he must be feeling that he needs to do it. He always speaks from the heart and always says the truth. So when you say the truth, some people get hurt, and some can’t handle the truth,” Sikandar said on the sidelines of a photoshoot here on Tuesday.
After saying that Pakistan has denied him a visa to attend the Karachi Literature Festival, which begins on Friday, Anupam took to Twitter to express his views. He said it’s the second time that he has been denied the visa and pointed out that while 17 others were granted the visa, he was singled out.
He has even asked if his being a Kashmiri Pandit or views on the tolerance in the country, were the factors behind the visa snub.
In his support, Sikandar said that his father has always been fearless in expressing his genuine opinion on issues that matter.
Sikandar said: “Dad is not a political person and not a politician. But he always expresses what is in his heart and says it honestly and passionately. He is a public figure and his voice can reach people and be heard by people.
“He has always remained this way, he has never done ‘chamchagiri’ (sycophancy) of anyone for any reason. He always does what he feels from within and what he feels is right, and that’s what he is like at home and even in the industry. He has numerous friends and he is a wonderful kind of person, very friendly.
“So if he hasn’t received it (visa), then he hasn’t received. You need to ask their (Pakistan) government about the reason,” Sikandar added.
However, a diplomat from the Pakistan High Commission told reporters: “He (Anupam Kher) has not submitted (any) visa application. Please check out from him if he has any receipt.”

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