Shiv Sena which had arranged a ‘study tour’ for its members to the Andamans has been embroiled in controversies. 
The junket which was planned from January 28 to February 2 aimed to study the island’s drainage system. The expenses, which amounted to approximately Rs 50 lakhs , were borne by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation.
The trip was boycotted by Congress and BJP corporators fearing huge public outcry on wasteful expenditure.
However, the centre of attention of the junket has been BJP corporator Ritu Tawde who participated in the trip in spite of the party boycotting it. 
Because of NewsX impact, the party has now issued a showcause notice to Tawde seeking an explanation for her presence on the holiday junket. Authority officials of the BMC have also put Tawde on the stand questioning her about the trip. 
Four major questions have been asked from Tawde in the notice. Primarily, the corporator along with others on the junket has received a lot of flak for whiling away taxpayers’ hard earned money. 
Further Tawde has been asked to explain as to why her party was not informed about her decision to go on the trip.
The BMC is also seeking an explanation from the travellers as to how the study tour has been beneficial to the BMC.
A major question has been raised on the manhandling of media. It is alleged that the NewsX correspondents while attempting to ask questions were snubbed and manhandled by the members of the ‘study tour’. A justification has been asked for on the same.

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