Clearing Delhi’s air on uncollected garbage, mismanagement of public funds, and non-payment of MCD workers who are on strike across Delhi, the CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal today laid out all the reasons and questions regarding the MCD unrest in the national capital. 
Speaking to reporters, specifically singling out the issue of non-payment of MCD workers in the capital, the AAP leader said, “There was an effort to create an environment where it will be as if the Delhi govt has not paid the MCD workers their wages. For the last few days in Delhi, all the MCD schools are closed, all the MCD hospitals are closed and there is garbage everywhere. Our PWD engineers, our PWD employees, have tried every night to pick the garbage by keeping trucks in the PWD offices. For this, I would like to congratulate them and also the Delhi Jal Board employees who took part in this and worked at this necessary hour all throughout the nights. In all these episodes, one thing that is clear is the two types of politics. Last week, in ten days, when a worker went to strike, his plight was understandable — he had not received his wage. But taking advantage of this situation BJP partymen spread  garbage in all parts of the city. When the BJP members were busy spreading garbage, the AAP members with the help of Delhi Jal Board and PWD were trying to clean up this garbage. Our ministers, our members were doing their best to clean up this mess. So clearly, there are two types of politics visible here.”
Elaborating on the financial situation of the MCD, the Delhi CM said, “There is an effort to create this kind of environment where the Delhi govt has not paid the workers of the MCD their wages. I have studied every single figure and I say this with full responsibility that the Delhi govt does not have even a single paisa left to give for the MCD workers. And I want to show you some figures right now: North DMC, in 2012-13, has received from the Delhi govt Rs. 526 cr. In 2013-14, they received Rs. 559 cr. In 2014-15, they received Rs. 545 cr from the Delhi govt. This year, we have given them Rs. 893 cr. In the last three years, they’ve been getting more than Rs. 550 cr from the Delhi govt. We gave them almost the double of what they receive every year. So the question that arises is, if the wages were paid last year, if they were paid duly in the last four years, why were they not able to pay them even with the amount being doubled? Where has this money gone? If you were able to pay them last year with Rs. 550 cr, why are you not able to pay them now with Rs. 893 cr? So where have you spent this money? Either this money has been diverted or it has been stolen. Like Manish Sisodia says again and again, there is massive corruption in MCD. For East Delhi in 2012-13, they were given Rs. 269 cr. In 2013-14, they received Rs. 288 cr. In 2014-15, they were given Rs. 366. And in this year, they received Rs. 466 cr from the govt. So where has the money been spent if they haven’t recruited any new employees?”
Kejriwal also raised questions about how loans taken from the Delhi govt by the MCD had not been recovered whereas the opposite had occurred during the reign of President’s rule in the capital, “Second thing, Delhi govt has given loans to the MCD govt. Last year when there was President’s rule, when it was their own govt, there was recovery of Rs. 300 cr loan taken from the govt. This time, we haven’t even recovered one single paisa from the loan. They requested us that their financial situation was in a mess, we readily agreed. We did not recover the Rs. 300 cr loan they had taken from us. There has been a massive scam in MCD. There has to be an investigation upon this. We want this investigated upon, but they were saying ‘give us the money, give us the money’. We want to ask them where is the money we had given them earlier? We ordered an inspection on this — Section 486 of Delhi Municipal Corporation Act gives this power to the Delhi govt to check the accounts of MCD. Through this, we sent the Divisional Commissioner to check their accounts, but these MCD members refused to show us their accounts. Why did they refuse us? What fear do they have? There is something suspicious. They say ‘we won’t show it to the Delhi govt’. Your Central Govt initiates CBI enquiries on me, all of us are put under CBI probe, I am not afraid of it. But why are you afraid of our probe?  If all your accounts are clean, then you should not be afraid of a probe. When you are not ready to give your account to the Delhi govt, then the suspicion arises as to where has all this money gone. And this is not the only thing, whether the people of Delhi has given their tax or not; if every Delhite is giving their House Tax, where is this House Tax money? People in Delhi are paying for parking spots; all this money from these parking spots goes to the MCD. Where is all the money that is collected as parking fees?”
“We will arrange salaries till January 31, for which Rs. 690 crores is required. We will be paying Rs. 142 crores immediately,” said the chief minister in the conference. 
The MCD workers strike has now carried on for more than a week now. Delhi is witnessing a collection of garbage all around the city.

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