In yet another appalling incident of mob-attack against foreigners, a 21-year-old Tanzanian woman was beaten up, stripped, and paraded around naked by a rampaging mob in Bengaluru city. The incident occurred when a Sudanese man ran over a 35-year-old local woman. 
Taking place on Hesaraghatta Road in Bengaluru on 31st January 2016, the mob rampage took place when a Sudanese man driving a car ran over a local woman who later died on the way to the hospital. The Sudanese man, who was under the influence of alcohol at that time, was dragged out of the car and beaten by the mob; his car was also set on fire.
Arriving at the scene thirty minutes later, the Tanzanian woman who was in the car along with her friends, tried to enquire into what was happening in the street where the man was being beaten. But upon seeing her and her friends, the angered mob turned their heels at the girl and also attacked her. 
The girl was attacked and stripped naked by the mob and was paraded around the street naked. When she tried to get into a bus, the people inside the bus kicked her and pushed her out of the bus. Upon her request to an auto-rickshaw driver, the driver also refused to take her in. The woman later told reporters that there were police constables in the area when the incident was happening, but they were completely inactive and did not help her away from the mob. 
Bengaluru is a city for many African students who avail college education and live among locals inside affordable dwellings. The girl who was attacked by the mob studies at Acharya College. Tensions have precipitated around the local indigenous of the city and the residing foreigners on grounds of culture, and traditional differences. 
Speaking to reporters, Bosco Kaweesi, legal advisor for AASU, said, “She arrived thirty minutes after the incident. They were coming from a different route, from a different business. And when they arrived at the scene, they actually saw the mob attacking the guy who was involved in the accident. And they thought of going over to that particular person to help him. Later they changed their minds because the mob started charging towards them. So when the mob started chasing them, the driver started to turn around and run away. But the mob stood in front of them and said they could not run away. So they decided to stop and get out of the car. The boys they were little stronger and old, the girl she was mobbed and overpowered and they stripped her naked and she tried to get inside a bus, but the passengers pushed her out. She tried to enter an auto-rickshaw, but the auto-rickshaw driver refused to take her. And she was running up and down when she had no clothes on herself.” 
Sushma Swaraj, External Affairs Minister, said in a tweet that she was deeply pained by this shameful incident. 
However, this is not the first time an attack on African students have taken place. Raising questions about racial profiling and thriving racism in the country, a few months ago in Bengaluru, four African students from the Ivory Coast were attacked by a mob who disapproved their frequent late night partying. 

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