There are protests being staged over the tragedy at Murud Beach in Mahashtra, where 14 students drowned. 
The protest is being staged by the disgruntled and grieving parents seeking answers from college authorities regarding the incident. They are posing the question as to why there was no regulation at the beach as well as why the students were allowed to go to an unregulated location in the first place.
While there was no security to speak of at the beach, the relatives of the deceased students were under the impression that the necessary measures had been taken by the local administration in the area, leading them to not being able to imagine such a scenario unfolding.
Not pinning all of the blame on local authorities, the parents are also stating that with 120 students at the school, there were at least 10-15 school employees mandated to look after the students. The parents are, hence, asking how with so many people charged with looking after the students, is it possible that 20 students managed to stray away and were allowed to go near the beach during high tide.
The authorities there have not made any arrangements to warn the people of high tide. There is no life guard with a siren or even a simple signboard.
This carelessness on part of the state government has not gone unnoticed. The Bombay high Court has posed the question to the state government  as to why there were no life guards present at the beach. In light of the Murud Tragedy, the state government is taking steps to make the area more secure.

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