Just when the BMC city corporators were being criticized for their so-called ‘study tours’ to the Andaman and Nicobar islands, 68 Mira Bhayandar corporators are embarking on a study tour to Mysore and Karnataka.

The study tour is to visit the Mysore Municipal Corporation and expected to return on the 7th of February.

The study tour comes in the backdrop of the civic administration expressing its displeasure in running a civic hospital in Bhayandar citing financial crunch. But they will now spend Rs. 45 lakh of tax payers’ money for this study tour.

After receiving criticism for the Andaman trip, the Mysore trip is turning out to be of the same variety. There are many more beautiful tourist spots in India that have been marked by the corporators, who are completely irresponsive to the aspirations of the people as they waste lakhs of tax payers’ money.

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With the common man unaware of these abuses of power by the officials that they themselves have elected, the question is being posed as to how they can be held accountable for their actions. There is no system in place through which we can ask these corporators to justify their spending. Everyone was shocked, when in our earlier stories, NewsX exposed that the BMC corporators had taken their families along on these so-called study tours. But the Mira Bhayandar corporators are still planning their tour in the face of criticism while there are so many local problems that are yet to be addressed by them.

The area has pot hole issues, solid waste management issues, dilapidated buildings, traffic issues and of course the raging fire in Deonar that is causing the killer smog. And instead of engaging with the people and trying to solve their problems, the city corporators want to gain insights by visit beautiful tourist locations.

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It is also worth it to bring into question what the corporators hope to learn from a place like Mysore, that could be applied to the area of Mira Bhayandar. The geograpghy and demography of the places have nothing in common. There are many areas within Mumbai and Mira Bhayandar that would benefit from these corporators’ attention.

Majeed Memon, of the Nationalist Congress Party, stated that it is difficult to criticize such a tour without knowing the specific intent of it and how those embarking on the tour hope to benefit their area from such a tour, but not without acknowledging that these tours are often used as an excuse to ‘joyride’.

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