A differently abled student in Chennai who had been beaten up by a teacher for eating dinner outside, passed away yesterday after lying in a coma for over a year.

Parents, students and members of Association of the Deaf staged a protest on Wednesday. They are demanding the removal of the teacher and seeking compensation for the boy’s family.

The boy was studying in Class II in CSI Higher Secondary School for the Deaf. On 10 August 2014, the boy, along with four other friends had gone outside the school to have dinner, leading to the incident.

The school authorities deny having any hand in this and the case. The case, being a year old, has lost a lot of its traction. While the school holds that the boy died because he was already ill, the parents feel that the boy died because of the assault by the teacher.

Even after a year has gone by since that incident, not only has any action not been taken, but there has been no real investigation into the event.

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The family members, though seeking compensation, do not have much proof about what transpired on the night in question.

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