Ashok Chavan, the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra is about to be prosecuted in regards to the Adarsh Scam. The CBI had been looking for the Maharashtra government’s approval for an investigation and now that they have it, the CBI is going to be prosecuting former Chief Minister, Chavan.
Chavan had stepped down from his post as Chief Minister of Maharashtra after the massive Adarsh Scam broke out in 2010. He was amongst 10 people who ware pointed out by the probe agency in connection with the case. The CBI had alleged that Chavan had suggested inclusion of civilian members in the Adarsh Housing Society, which was essentially meant for var veterans and widows of defence personelle, in order to secure flats for himself and his own relatives in this plush Colaba complex. In light of the investigation Chavan said, “The CBI’s re-application to the governor to prosecute me is illegal. I will react in detail after consulting my legal advisors.”
This, being an ongoing investigation, with no need to lodge a fresh FIR or a fresh preliminary inquiry, one can expect criminal proceedings to begin against Chavan very soon. It is only because of Ashok Chavan’s formerly held post as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra that the CBI needed special permission from the governor, C.V. Rao, to prosecute him. Rao granted the sanction to prosecute Chavan under Section 197 of CrPC and Sections 120-B and 420 of the Indian Penal Code in the Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society case. As of now, there is no need for any delay when it comes to the questioning of Chavan.
Earlier in 2013, the then governor, Sankaranarayanan, had refused to give the sanction to the CBI. Sankaranarayanan having been a Congress appointee, even many neutral observers would have said that that is what would have been expected from him.
Members of the congress have been saying that this investigation is just a political conspiracy against the Congress and that it is, in fact, the BJP which has been pressuring the CBI to conduct this investigation.
This investigation is expected to singe the Congress quite a bit as it is the prosecution of one of their most prominent leaders.

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