10 days after the fire in Deonar choked the city of Mumbai, there is still no respite for the common man. With air quality only worsening, a 6-year-old has decided to write a letter to the Chief Minister, drawing his attention to the issue.
What’s worrying is that the corporators who were so keen to go on a study tour to the Andamans and have now also gone to Mysore for a cleanliness study, haven’t found the time to visit the toxic dumpyard to review the situation pertaining to the Deonar fire and killer Mumbai smog.
The dumping ground fire still rages on in multiple locations, making it all the more difficult to completely extinguish. Several more local residents are complaining about developing respiratory problems. Diseases have been spreading and people have been moving out of the city. Homeless people, with no where to go, only watch helplessly as clouds of toxic smoke build around them.
The pollution levels are only slightly lower than previous days, according to the Pollution Control Board. The Air Quality index still reads ‘unhealthy’ at 175.
It does not seem that the Shiv Sena ruled BMC is very serious about the issue. The opposition had taken up the issue yesterday, in the house of the BMC, no actual steps were taken in regard to it. While the BMC has said that they are taking the necessary steps to contain the situation, all that meant was that the Fire Brigade will continue their efforts to put out the fire. With the lowered number of firefighters, the firefighters are also having problems dousing the fire and are facing serious health issues.

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