As Mumbai gasps for breath, suffocated by the killer smog created by BMC negligence, the netas have found a new place for a junket, as after the Andamans, the Mira Bhayandar corporators are on another ‘study tour’ to Mysore.
On their so-called ‘study tour’, the corporators have been touring the Mysore palace, the zoo and taking an elephant safari, at ease. When confronted, they say that they were studying the cleanliness of the Mysore area. The city of Mysore has received the ‘cleanest city’ award twice and their waste management project is highly commended. And to study all of this, they are spending a half a crore of the taxpayers’ money.
While Mumbai is suffocating and no real steps are being taken to bring the Deonar fire under control, 71 netas are on an all expenses paid holiday.
The BMC is also sitting on a cumulative debt of Rs. 400 crore. Recently, it even told the Bombay High court that it cannot run a municipal hospital due to lack of funds. While they have no money for hospitals, these study tours seem to be no problem at all. 
In the past, they have spent Rs. 1 Crore on such a tour to London, Rs. 89 Lakhs on a tour to Brazil and Rs. 2 Crores on a tour to China. And it is no surprise that all of these study tours are to pleasant tourist locations.

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