In another attack which raises questions about the profundity of racism in India and the plight of African people in the city of Hyderabad, a Nigerian student today alleged that he was first verbally abused and then attacked by a group of Indian men while he was returning home. 
The attack on the Nigerian students have been captured on camera where an Indian man, wielding a knife in his hand, is seen shouting at the Nigerian students while the latter tries to defend themselves. From the video itself, it is hard to make out how the situation had escalated. But one of the Nigerian students alleged that it all started with an unrestrained racial slur thrown at him by a group of Indian men.
Speaking to reporters, Orolade A Ibidola, one of the victims in the attack said that he was returning from completing his Namaz around 8 o’clock in the night. Around 8 50 pm when he was going over to a friend’s place, a clique of three-four Indian boys started throwing racial slurs at him,  such as “ooh ooh”, “aa aa”, and also called him “kalu”. 
“I was not provoked by these things because it is normal. These things have been happening for 24 years,” said Ibidola. Later when he asked the group of men why they were making fun of him, they directed him to go away from the place. 
“I may be black, but I have a good heart,” said Ibidola. 
“But when I left the place and started for home, they followed me to see where my house was. So I called my friend for help,” he said. 
The Nigerian student said that after his friend had come, things escalated when one of the Indian men slapped him across the face. And in that situation, the scuffle broke out. 
Orolade A Ibidola studies at Osmania University in Hyderabad. He is one of many African students who come to India for better prospects on education and seek affordable dwelling within a thriving Indian community. Racism in India has seen a gradual proliferation as more foreign students come to India for higher prospects and in turn, become victim to the many-demands of cultural and traditional differences. 
On 31st January also, a Tanzanian woman was stripped and paraded naked on the streets of Bengaluru after she innocuously arrived at a site where a Sudanese man had driven his car over a local woman.