The leader of the women’s organization Bhumata Brigade, Trupti Desai, and shrine authorities have been called in by district authorities to discuss the centuries old ban on female devotees entering the sacred platform in the Shani Shingnapur Temple in Nashik.
Activist Tripti Desai has said that she has complete faith in the state and that her organization plans to put forth her demands of women being allowed on the Shani Temple platform in order to stop women from being deprived of their rights in the name of tradition.
Swami Chakrapani of the Hindu Mahasabha congratulates the women who took to the streets in order fight against discrimination. He stated that respect for women is a crucial part of religion and that it is a positive development that this meeting is taking place.
This is the first time that a meeting of this sort is taking place. The meeting was called for by the local Collector, with letters being sent to the women’s right activists, the local villagers, and the formal and sitting MLAs and the trustees of the temple. While the trustees have already met the district authorities earlier this morning, all attendees of the meeting are to arrive by 12:30pm today.
The meeting will entail a discussion on whether women must be allowed in the temple or not. Whether a decision will be taken today is not something that can be determined at this time. However, it is a positive sign for the cause that some sort of initiative is being taken by the government after the Chief Minister announced that he would take some steps regarding the matter.

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