An attempt to claim the life of the son of a Mumbai builder has been caught on CCTV footage. The visuals in the CCTV footage clearly show two burqa-clad assassins entering the builder’s office and then shooting the victim.
The victim has been hospitalized, but the assassins have managed to escape after entering the Arihant Builders’ office and shooting the victim after asking his name.
A case has been registered against the two unidentified individuals and sources have been saying that the reason behind this shooting was a business rivalry among the families of the builders in the area. But the family of the victim has been saying that there was no such rivalry present in their building sector.
While it is difficult for police to follow the case as the family of the victim puts pressure on them, there is no way to know the identity of the shooters due to their faces being concealed. The family is also unable to provide any information as they say that they have no such rivals.

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