Yet another incident took place in Bihar highlighting the collapsing law and order in the state. A local LJP leader, Baijnathi Singh, was gunned down in broad daylight yesterday. 
The incident took place when he was travelling to Patna along with his family members. Apparently, eight men armed with AK 47 rifles stopped his vehicle and started opening fire. 
Around 30 rounds were fired at the vehicle after which the criminals escaped. His wife, along with another member, is battling for life in the hospital.
Rameshwar Chaurasia, BJP leader, said “The situation of Bihar has become somewhat strange. On one hand, Bihar govt says rule and regulation will be maintained and no crimes will be entertained. But on the other hand, the place where CM conducts his programme before two days, which is also the constituency of Deputy CM, such incidents are taking place.Now the message that is conveyed is when CM and Deputy CM can’t control Patna and Hajipur, then how can they control the lawlessness in Bihar?”
Following this recurring incidences taking place in Bihar, the question of prevailing lawlessness in the state of Bihar arises

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