Parents of recently deceased 6-year-old, Divyansh, allege that the boy was possibly sodomised and that his death was not an accident.
The parents claim that there were injury marks on his body, including private parts and that the principal had threatened them to keep quiet over this issue.
Divyansh Kakrora had drowned in a septic tank of Ryan International School days before.
“There was never any sympathy from the school,” said Divyansh’s mother, “The principal told us to keep quiet as we plead for our child.”
Divyansh’s father says that there were only two pathways through to the septic tank in which Divyansh drowned. One was through the principal’s office and another was through the amphitheatre. He is posing the question as to how a child could wander to that area without being caught or even detected in the security cameras of the school.
In light of these statements by the parents, the school’s refusal to give statements becomes even more suspicious. In response to previous accusations of negligence, the school had claimed that it was not their responsibility as the child in question had a history of hyperactivity and a habit of wandering out of class.
The SDM report on the death of Divyansh Kakrora in Ryan International School has come down hard on the school, accusing them of criminal negligence. The Delhi Police had, on Thursday, arrested the principal of the school, Sandhya Sabu, on charges of causing death due to negligence. Four other employees of the school were also arrested on the same charges. They were class teacher Minakshi Kapoor, reverse osmosis plant operator Yogesh Kholiya, maintenance in-charge Puran Singh Bisht, and gardener Ram Narayan.
The SDM report had stated that the school was careless and that the class teacher hadn’t even realized that the child was missing from class.
Divyansh’s father has demanded a CBI probe into the incident.
Deputy CM, Manish Sisodia spoke about the child saying that the school’s statements on the child did not make sense. After seeing the child’s report cards and speaking to his parents, he could only gather that he was a very bright child and that the school is only claiming that he was the victim of a disorder so that they can shy away from their responsibilities.
“There are some serious lapses from the side of the school,” said Sanjay Kumar, DM, “Even when the school found out that the child has fallen into the water tank, the swimming coach and staff had told everyone not to try and save the child. The whole staff and everyone else were just onlookers.”
It is becoming increasingly clear that the school has something to hide. This is turning from a case of criminal negligence to a case of criminal apathy, as trained professionals such as the swimming coach of the school refused to do anything about the situation and chose to sit back when they could have perhaps helped the child. All of these factors along with the initial questions of why the room was open and the septic tank not covered that are prompting the investigation to move forward in the way it has been.

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