A body of a third year Delhi University student was found late last night yesterday at her friend’s residence in Shakti Nagar in North-west Delhi. The victim was first burned and the corpse was hidden in the shaft of a ventilation area.
Aarzoo Singh was a third year student at Delhi University when she went missing for two days. Perturbed by her absence, Arzoo’s family approached the police who later conducted an investigation which led to the discovery of the body from her friend’s house in Shakti Nagar. 
The accused, Navin Khatri, has been arrested by the police and is being subjected to interrogation. 
Vijay Singh, DCP of North-West Delhi, said, “This crime has taken place in Rajpura Gurmandi. We recovered the dead body at night. And the accused in this case that has been identified has been arrested. He is currently under investigation.” 
There has been no official revelation of any kind over the motive behind this murder. But the family of Aarzoo Singh alleges that Navin’s family is equally responsible for the murder. 
A kin of the family claims that Aarzoo had been already killed on the 2nd of February. 
“The body was in the almirah,” said the kin. “Her body was bloated and burnt.” 
Police are currently carrying out further investigation for any other possible angles in this case. 

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