With the dramatic expansion of urbanism, increasing contacts with wildlife is a growing concern. One such incident occurred in a school in Bangalore today where a leopard unknowingly entered a school compound trying to escape capture from forest officials. This incident occurred at the Vibgyor School in Bangalore. 
From the CCTV footage of the school’s swimming pool ground, the leopard is seen darting between the fences and the capturing tools of the three forest officials. A tranquilizer dart had hit the leopard earlier, and the gradual effect of the drug considerably reduced any untoward harm the animal might have caused. 
When a forest official tries to capture the leopard, the animal retaliates and gnaws at the man’s arm. But reports say that the forest officials have escaped without major injuries as the leopard was under the influence of the spreading drug inside its system. 
As of now, officials say that the leopard has not been captured but has been kept isolated inside a room. 
Coming as a major relief for the forest officials and the school authorities, there were no children in the school as it was Sunday.

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