After accusing the TMC government of pressurising police to wrongly arrest him, a Bengali youth has alleged that he has been receiving threats from the members of the party.
32-year-old Rohit Pashi was detained by the police for critical posts regarding a TMC councillor on Facebook. Now the victim’s wife has placed a complaint alleging that the TMC councillor, Malbazar’s Pulin Goldar and his aides are issuing death threats to them.
While the neta has claimed that the youth made false claims against him, the cops have said that the detention was completely unrelated to the councillor. Nevertheless, the TMC government has received sharp criticism from the opposition for curbing Freedom of Speech in the state.
“If it is true then the democratic right of the people to express their views with regard to their likes and dislikes must not be taken in the manner as we are hearing,” said NCP leader, Majeed Memon. “If somebody criticizes you and you are in power that does not mean that you will abuse your power and resort to this kind of activity. He also stated that he thinks that this incident is a clear breach of law and that the Chief Minister should examine the situation to see if there is any truth to the victim’s claims and take steps accordingly.”
“It is beyond intolerance in Mamata’s rule of law. And that rule of law has nothing to do with India, it has to do with Mamata and her psychophancy,” said BJP leader, Siddharthnath Singh.
“It is very, very clear that the police have taken cognizance of the fact that they do support criminals and have unfortunately, acted in the wrong direction,” said CPI(M) leader, Fuad Halim. “It is a leave taken out by the Mamata Bannerjee government from the BJP-Shiv Sena combines in Maharashtra. We’ve seen the police being very active on people who indulge in Facebook activities.”
“What has happened in Malbazar is despicable. There are no words to condemn it,” said CPI leader, Gurudas Das Gupta. “This is an attack on civil liberty. This is an attack on democracy. Whatever one may have posted on Facebook, that cannot be a reason of arrest. There is no such provision in the Penal Code of India.”
Professor Amnbikesh Mahapatra who had earlier faced similar treatment for a cartoon against the West Bengal CM also criticised the state government. “It is very clear that our state government is intolerant against the common people who raise some voice or question,” he said.

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