Telecom watchdog TRAI has pitched for net neutrality which has come as a big jolt to Social Media giant Facebook’s ‘Free Basics’ initiative. TRAI has come out with a regulation which essentially mandates that no service provider shall charge differential pricing for their services.
TRAI had also floated a discussion paper on the same seeking public opinion. Most of the replies came against the idea of strangulating the ‘Net Neutrality’ concept. 
With the launch of platforms like Facebook’s and Airtel Zero, a raging debate had broken out in the country. Well, TRAI has now put an end to any such discussion by ruling in favour of net neutrality and giving a sigh of relief to the campaigners of the same. 
Rejecting the concept of discriminatory pricing, TRAI has announced that on the basis of content, no service provider can charge discriminatory tariffs for data services. An exemption at the time of public emergency has been allowed, where reduced tariff for accessing emergency services or at the time of emergency has been permitted. 
In order to discourage discriminatory tariffs charged by the service providers, TRAI has announced a fine of Rs 50,000 per day for the same. 
TRAI may review these regulations every two years. 

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