While women activists call for the right to worship at all places of worship, the NDA government has made a spectacular U-turn. 
Union Culture Minister, Mahesh Sharma has said that the NDA cannot endorse or encourage discrimination on the basis of gender. Conversely, the state government in Kerala wholly backs the ban on women in Sabrimala Temple. It’s also taken a very clear stand in the matter when the Supreme Court issued a notice to the government.
While the case is still pending before the Apex Court, our government has batted for equality.
“I don’t think there should be political interference in this at all,” said Maneka Gandhi. “Society itself will decide at some point.”
The Chief Minister of Kerala, a stakeholder in the issue, believes that the government should not interfere in matters of religion. “Because of the traditional circumstances, the government has some say in the issue,” said Oomen Chandy, Kerala CM. “But we are very reluctant to interfere in these touchy issues.”
Sabrimala shields itself behind an age-old tradition and custom, demanding how legislation and judiciary can intervene in it.
It is the right of a devotee under Article 25 and Article 26 to have system where males and females have segregated areas of worship.

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