The CB-CID probe report on the case of three college students found murdered in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu is out.
The bodies of the three students, T. Monisha, E. Saranya and V. Priyanka, were found in a well on the 23rd of January. The report, however, states that there was no water found in the lungs of the dead students and has ruled out death due to drowning.
The report raises important question as to how the girls did, in fact, die, why they went there in the first place and how, if the death was not due to drowning, their bodies end up inside the well.
The parents of the deceased students had been alleging that their children were murdered. The students had been protesting against the mismanagement and the ill-treatment handed out by the college authorities to them. The parents had written to the Vice Chancellor of MGR University about these issues, but had not heard back.
The deaths were initially considered a suicide due to the exorbitant fees being charged by their college as well as due the mental and physical torture that the girls had to endure in the college. Not only was the college charging a fee that was triple the amount prescribed by the government, the college made the students carry out the maintenance chores of the college, such as cleaning the bathrooms, and lacked basic infrastructure such as functioning labs or even ceiling fans in the classrooms. The college lacked safety procedure for their female students and did not have enough faculty to conduct all the classes.
The Madras High Court is to hear this case today. The earlier reports on the case had filed these deaths as suicides. Now that drowning has been ruled out as a possible cause of death, the college authorities’ claims that the students had committed suicide will no longer hold up in court.
The CB-CID is to continue its investigation on this case and will keep submitting its reports to the Madras High Court. The main accused in the case has, so far, made a partial confession which the CB-CID will take into consideration.

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