Haryana health minister Anil Vij made a shocking statement by saying that people who cannot live without eating beef should not visit the state of Haryana where cow protection laws are implemented. Anil Vij had previously demanded cow as national animal.
 His words “CM has clearly said no such license will be given to foreigners. Those people who can’t live without eating beef should not come to Haryana. There are some countries we don’t visit because food habits there don’t suit us.” 
Earlier the Haryana government had said that they would give license to outsiders coming to Haryana for consumption of beef.
The health minister is now giving a contradictory statement and making mockery of the entire thing. In sharp contrast to this Haryana is inviting people to come over to invest and do business does that mean that they have to assure that they won’t eat a certain things. 
Pramod tiwari, leader, congress said “Since Anil Vij couldn’t become the cm of the state he is unable to tolerate the present CM of BJP. So he creates controversy with his gibberish statements to come into news. He is not at all concern about his department rather he spends his time by commenting on other’s department. He took oath on the name of constitution but he is least knowledgeable about it.”
Bhupender Hooda, Former CM, Haryana said “I read CM’s statement a newspaper  he said that the foreigners will be given special permission. If assembly has passed an Act where amendments are to be made then will be brought in assembly. And we said if such things come in the assembly we will oppose it. So now cm has taken u turn by saying that none can eat beef.”

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