New Delhi: Some 78 percent of Delhiites want the Delhi government to reintroduce the odd-even scheme to curb the number of cars fuelled by petrol and diesel, a survey has shown., the world’s largest online platform for social change, said it shared the Delhi government’s odd-even questionnaire with its users in the city and saw an overwhelming response to it. 
Almost 13,500 Delhiites took part in the survey, of which 10,514 favoured the scheme which was implemented in the national capital from January 1 to 15 in a bid to check air pollution.
Another 2,940 respondents voted against the odd-even scheme.
“The current findings show that Delhiites not just want the odd-even scheme back, but a significant number of them want it back permanently,” Preethi Herman of India said.
A total of 5,551 people, or 53 percent, said they wanted the scheme to be implemented permanently in Delhi.
Under the scheme, cars with odd registration numbers were allowed to ply on the roads on odd dates and those with even registration numbered on even dates.
As many as 5,407 (51 percent) people wanted the scheme to return from February 14. 
And 9,691 (92 percent) people who supported odd-even said they would not buy a second car if the scheme returned. said the survey was conducted from January 28 to February 9.


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