A Deputy Superintendent of police in Salem, Tamil Nadu has been suspended for dancing during his duty hours.
In fact, there is video footage available of SP Shankar dancing in his police uniform while he was in charge of his department. While dancing, in itself, is not a crime there is a certain kind of decorum that is to be maintained while in uniform which has been violated here. However, there might also be a stronger reason for his suspension which only got aggravated by his video.
SP Shankar has allegedly pushed one of the prisoners, forcefully cut the hair of one of the prisoners and given a head massage to him. There are those who have been opposing this move saying that it’s too harsh to suspend someone for such a small transgression. But considering all of these previous complaints that had already been made against the Deputy Superintendent, the action taken against him for this folly does not seem to be based on a single transgression.
It is also to be noted that with the video having gone viral, a Deputy Superintendent indulging in leisure activities during duty hours, needed serious action.
“This man has disgraced the uniform and the service,” said Vikram Singh, FMR DGP UP. “The provision is he should be dismissed of service no questions asked.” He said that the example he is setting for his junior colleagues can be detrimental to their careers as well as the institution as a whole.

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