A CBI investigation into the death of a Divyansh Kakrora, a six-year-old student of Ryan International School, has been going on for the last two days and CCTV footage from the school campus shows that the Ryan International officials had rushed the child to the hospital within an hour of him going missing.
In fact, the Delhi Police probe shows that Divyansh Kakrora was last spotted by the school’s CCTV camera in the school lobby at 12:16pm on the 30th of January, the day he was drowned in a water tank. Approximately an hour later, at 1:20pm, CCTV footage showed him being rushed to the hospital by the school staff. Divyansh was apparently unconscious at the time. At 1:23opm the footage shows the boy being rushed to the hospital by a Wagon-R car.
The CCTV footage goes against the allegation that there was a delay of several hours in taking action after the child went missing.
While investigation also ruled out the allegations of sexual assault made by the parents along with the idea of there having been a delay in action, it still doesn’t not absolve the school of all responsibility and negligence. The school claiming that the child was differently-abled, without basis also led to more suspicions being raised about the institution. As the investigation progresses, it is a possibility for school authorities to be called in for further questioning.

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