Sri Ganganagar: Unable to afford the medical treatment for a mentally unstable man, the family of 45-year-old Ramkumar in a Rajasthan village has chained him to a bed for the last 5-6 years.
Ramkumar, a resident of Ganeshgarh village in Sri Ganganagar district, some 450 km from state capital Jaipur, became mentally unstable after his cousin died. 
“He became mentally unstable and depressed after the death of one of his cousins,” a neighbour told IANS, declining to be named. 
“If he is kept free, he throws things and shouts. It’s really very depressing to see him chained like this, but most probably this is the only way for the family to keep him under control,” he said.
The neighbour said that Ramkumar is married and has two children. However, his wife and children left him after he became mentally unstable.
“His 70-year-old mother and two brothers take care of him,” he said, adding that the brothers work as labourers.
He said that Ramkumar would suddenly turn violent and start throwing things out of a fit of rage.
“The family says that they have shown him to various doctors in nearby areas but there has been no improvement in his condition. The government has so far not come forward to help the family,” the neighbour said.
“People advised his family to take him to a specialist doctor in a bigger city. However, they (the family) do not have enough money,” he added.

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