New Delhi: AAP has completed its one year in office today. They are calling it a ‘bemisal’ year for the Delhiwallahs. However, the opposition is not impressed with AAP’s performance in the state and they are saying it has been a year of betrayal.
The Congress party is lodging its protest by marking the past one year as ‘Chhalawa’ diwas.  They have taken their protests to the streets of Delhi, with the DPCC organizing a candle march for the Delhiwallahs. They are saying that the Delhi government has failed on various fronts as far as fulfilling the promises to the Delhi citizens is concerned. 
Former CM Sheila Dikshit who was also participating in the ‘Ek Saal, Delhi Behaal’ march said, “Lots of promises were made and not one of them has been fulfilled. We are trying to bring this out and agitate against the Chief Minister who says something and does something else.”
Dr Walia of the Congress questioned AAP and said that during the first five years of their 15-year term in Delhi, they too had to work with the BJP. If they could strike a balance and work in coordination towards the betterment of the city, what stopped the AAP to do the same. She said that the citizens of Delhi had elected the AAP in power for better governance and not for the chaos that AAP had created.

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