The Ghaziabad police SSP Dharmendra Singh, in a press conference earlier today, revealed the identities of the 5 people arrested for Dipti Sarna’s abduction, as well as the motive for it.
The person who had plotted the abduction was prison escapee from Kurukshetra named Devendra. He had seen Dipti at Rajiv Chowk in June, 2015 and had developed an obsession with her that the police compared to the kind portrayed in the Bollywood film, Darr.
They describe in the press conference that the abductor went as far as to track her daily movements and even keep track of what clothes she wore. He knew her address and other details but had never attempted to interact with her personally. The police had assumed during the investigation that the plotters of the abduction was people that Dipti knew personally, but Dipti claimed to not know any of the abductors whom she had seen face to face during her ordeal.
The main accused, after a year of stalking Dipti, had hatched a plot in which he had purchased two autos and recruited people to help him. He continued to try and pick up Dipti regularly from Vaishali Metro Station for 3 months but failed as Dipti was careful to only board autos which already have multiple female passengers on board. He managed to eventually get Dipti on board with other female passengers whom he later threatened with a knife in order to get them to leave the auto. He then, along with his accomplice, blindfolded Dipti and threatened her with a gun.
While on their way with Dipti, the abductors had taken her cellphone and attempted to destroy it. The location where the phone was left happened to be between two cellphone towers. The police are still attempting to recover the phone.
During the entire night’s journey, the abductors had reassured Dipti time and again that they did not intend to harm her. Dipti’s statement to the police, which was baffling to many at the time, that the abductors did not harm her and gave her food and water at timely intervals, backs up their intent.
The police spoke of how during the ordeal the main abductor tried to convince Dipti of the selflessness of his intentions and tried to convince her of many ill intentions of a friend that he had seen her with over the months while stalking her, as well as those of his accomplices.
The police while speaking of Devendra’s disturbed mental state spoke of how he used to read Mein Kampf and Changez Khan’s biography in prison. He told the police that he intended to give up his life of crime and settle down in Nepal. They emphasized what a unique case this was, as what obstructed their investigation time and again was the lack of criminal motive behind the abduction.
After 36 hours in captivity Dipti Sarna was released after having her personal belongings taken away but with Rs. 100 travel fare to get back home.

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