A 47-year-old woman, divorced and abandoned by her husband, knocks on the door of the Judiciary seeking justice. Her petition to the Chief Justice of India seeks the banning of Triple Talaq, which she contends is discriminatory.
Afsha Khan was served with a Triple Talaq by her husband in a fit of rage. Being the wife of a sitting Judge of Aligarh, she asks how a custodian of justice can bestow such a travesty. The question is posed as to how long our leaders will sacrifice equality at the altar of appeasement.
Muslim clerics are saying that Muslim laws do not require reform, but such a bill, if it were to come to parliament, would have a lot of support.
“This matter is best left to religious clerics,” said Abu Azmi, SP. “This matter should not go to court and neither should the court try to interfere in it.”
But even with people opposing such an advancement, saying that civil laws should be according to the values of religion, this bill would have a lot of support on the other hand too. “If such a bill comes to the Parliament, as NDA members, we are definitely going to support it,” said Manisha Kayande of the Shiv Sena, on the matter.

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