Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting today with the political parties to discuss the major issues ahead of the budget session of Parliament. “I am not just from BJP but PM of the nation and assure that all concerns will be addressed,” he told the country’s representatives during the meeting.
The exercise is meant to ensure that the budget session is smooth after the last two sessions were marred by protests that paralysed the Parliament. However, sources in the Central Government claim that it was not an all party meeting and that bill spending in the Parliament will not be discussed.
Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that whenever the budget session is to take place, the political parties need to communicate with each other in order to discuss questions which have to do with the progress of the nation. He said that there needs to be a constant dialogue about poverty alleviation, youth progress and agricultural progress so that their benefit can be kept in mind.
It is being said that the budget session is going to be very tense this time and that the government itself is responsible for it in light of the incidents that have taken place in the country recently. The behaviour of the government with the Jawaharlal Nehru University students is something the opposition will definitely raise issues about.