UTTAR PRADESH: In one of the most shocking confessions, Gurfan, a SIMI operative has admitted that his organization had plans to kill Narendra Modi in Ambikapur before he was chosen as the Prime Minister of India, sources inform.

Following the death of his two partners Ezauddin and Aslam in an encounter by Indore Police, Gurfan surrendered to the Raipur court.
Believing the sources, Gurfan confessed that SIMI had earlier planned to kill Modi in Ambikapur when he was to address a rally in the area during his Lok Sabha Elections campaign but for some reasons, the plan could not be executed, following which the bomb blasts in Jharkhand during his rally were designed. Gurfan after that reportedly ran from Raipur and arrived somewhere near Arbian Sea and started working as a care taker.

Police officials inform of Gurfan cooperating well with them but has still not revealed that for whom he was working and what all they were setting up while he was escaped. 

Ahead of joining SIMI, Gurfan worked as a medical agent and in 2013, he came in contact with SIMI Chief Umer Siddiqui and also met other members of SIMI.

Gurfan, being a part of the team also attended a grand party in Nepal with other SIMI leaders. He further confessed of meeting SIMI Chief Abu Salem while he was in Dubai and other leaders funding such teams. 

Apart from this, Gurfan also informed of the New Year’s celebration in Nepal that was attended by major criminals across the world but the Indian Spy Agency failed to track the information.

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